Been Refused A Mobile Phone Contract Due To Bad Credit ?

We have six killer tips that will help you get accepted for a mobile phone contract, no matter what your credit history is like!

Tip #1 – Apply At One of the Following Networks

The networks with the highest acceptance rates are below. Click to open the website in a new window…

1. Vodafone – Pass Rate: Very High (SIM Only)bad credit vodafoneWe recommend applying at Vodafone as the credit check is easier compared to the other networks. They also have some fantastic SIM Only & mobile phone deals which represent great value.

2. T-Mobile – Pass Rate: Very High (SIM Only) T-Mobile is an excellent network with an easy credit check. Make sure you apply for a SIM Only deal if you opt with this network as this will give you the best acceptance.

3. Virgin – Pass Rate: Very High (All Mobile Phone Contracts) Virgin Mobile is an excellent choice to apply to if you want a mobile phone contract. They have exceptional acceptance rates on all deals with a great choice of handsets.

Believe it or not, mobile phone networks have differing credit scoring policies which means some are stricter than others. From our experience you are more likely to be accepted with the networks above, so ONLY try Vodafone, T-Mobile and Virgin.

Tip #2 – Apply Directly at the Network

If you apply directly with the network itself (for example Vodafone) on their website or at their shop, you will have the best chance of acceptance. If you apply indirectly through a third party retailer (middlemen) such as Phones4U and CarphoneWarehouse, the credit check is a whole lot stricter. By going straight through to the network, the network will review your individual application.

Tip #3 – Apply Online

You should always apply online if you want a mobile phone contract. Firstly, there are better deals online. Secondly, the credit check is A LOT more relaxed. Many consumers are rejected in store, only to apply online and be accepted with the SAME network. Another advantage of applying online is that networks have the opportunity to review your application, and are unlikely to reject your outright. They will some times come and offer you a different deal, as opposed to a shop where you will be given a YES or NO.

Tip #4 – Go For a Lower Priced Handset & Tariff

This is a recommended tip and not necessary like the above three.

Applying for a lower priced handset or tariff will affect the likelihood of your application being accepted. Depending on your chosen handset combined with the price of the tariff, the value of the contract will differ to the network. For contracts not valued as highly the credit check is easier as opposed to contracts valued highly. Choose a lower priced handset and tariff if you have a bad credit history.

For a mobile phone contract we strongly recommend Virgin Mobile.

Tip #5 – Go for a Sim Only Deal

Like Tip #4 this is highly recommended but not necessary.

As mentioned above, contracts are worth differing amounts to the mobile phone network. The credit checks on Sim Only contracts are MUCH easier as compared to the standard contract. Sim Only contracts are a new concept which provide you with the flexibility of a pay as you go sim card, but the benefits of a monthly contract tariff. It is the perfect combination.

Benefits are:

More inclusive minutes and texts than a standard contract
30 day rolling contract, YOU cancel it when you want
Keep the same number

You are not getting a handset, but the savings made normally more than make up for the price of even the best handsets. Many people get a Sim Only contract and buy the latest phones on Ebay with the money saved!

For a SIM Only deal we strongly recommend Vodafone and T-Mobile.
Tip #6 – There is No Better Time to Apply than Now

All mobile phone networks have collectively made credit checks easier due to the state of the economy. This is exclusive insider knowledge gathered from people who work for the network. Mobile phone networks are now “desperate” for new customers for more revenue. You can take advantage of this today!

It doesn’t matter if you have been rejected or refused for a contract phone in the past, as you can still apply and be accepted if you follow our tips. We get mail all the time from people just like you being accepted after stumbling on our site.

And remember it’s worth a shot – because you never know. Most of the people that have used our site were just like you in your position. Take advantage of the economy and our killer tips to Apply Now! Please submit your success story below if you have time….

Even if you have a bad credit history it is not all doom and gloom! Join the dozens of people who have successfully got a contract after following our advice…we recommend you try for a standard Vodafone contract. In the unlikely event you fail for this then try for a Sim Only deal with T-Mobile or a mobile phone contract with Virgin.

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